GCSE Speaking Revision… A pack of 5!

I am doing my speaking exams tomorrow and on Thursday. Hopefully they will go well! Fingers crossed! I have just created this speaking revision booklet to practise for the last time before their exam as I am offering a warm-up session to calm students down and make them feel successful before they face the test…

The activities go as follows:

1. Find the pairs in the wordcloud.

2. Translate to English.

3. Translate to Spanish.

These three activities are ideal to recap key vocabulary that come up in most role-plays & photo cards.

4. Match up the questions (in English and Spanish)

5. Match up the questions and the answers.

These two activities are ideal for the general conversation as it includes some of the main questions from all the speaking booklets I have seen.

Hope it helps you with that final revision session! Let me know how it goes… ¡BUENA SUERTE!

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