GCSE Writing…Extra bullet points!

¡Hola a todos!

Some of you know this idea from last year, but in case you are not aware yet… I am writing a few lines just to let you know about it.

Last year, I created plenty of bullet points on all the different topics for GCSE and in different tenses. You just needed to cut them ready for the students to use.

As you know, it is a great idea to use them as a starter, where students can see them and work out the meanings, categorise them in different tenses, put the ones they do not know separately and check with their partners… So many things!


You can do this as a quick recap but you can also develop it more and do a short writing afterwards… Exploit the resources and your planning will be easier!

I have created some extra bullet points this year… If you would like to have them, just email: spanishandumbrellas@gmail.com

If you would also like to have the ones from last year, just tell me in your email.

Hope this idea works for you!  Don’t forget to tell me how it goes 🙂


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