Gratitude Journal

Have you ever asked yourself why you are a teacher? Have you ever had a bad day at work?

Well, we all have those days and we only seem to see the negative aspects when we feel down… It is perfectly normal! Oh noooo, the world is against me!

I think that we should see the positives more often as life is too short and we only live once! I know it is sometimes hard but we need to keep trying. Remember that a problem is not a problem anymore if we can find a solution!

One of my best friend recently bought me a ‘gratitude journal’ for my birthday and, at the beginning, I was like ‘what is this?’ However, now I realise that it is a very good way of focalising our positive thoughts instead of just thinking about all the bad things. This book is divided in different areas:

  1. Today I am grateful for
  2. What would make today great
  3. People I am grateful for
  4. Amazing things that happened today
  5. How could I have made today better?

It will just take a few minutes to complete it, maybe at the end of the day, when you are more relaxed. Is there anything better than ending your day with some positive vibes?

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I love this gratitude journal. you wouldn’t know by any chance where your friend found it. there are so many on Amazon but I like the prompts on yours. x

Katie pennington

Fantastic website good mix of positivity life advice culture and language x mucha suerte both x