Ideas for GCSE speaking extra practice!

Hi everyone!

I have just created this speaking lesson for my Y11.

The first idea is to practise the role-plays… Show them the typical sentences so that they are a bit more familiarised with them! Then, get them to plan the role-plays and go around checking or choose some specific students to do a quick practice. Then, show the role-play on the board and ask several pupils to answer the same bullet point to see all the different alternatives… This is specially useful as they can realise that their plan can vary but it would still be valid!



Secondly, move on to the photo cards… Show them the model answers and get them to translate them in groups and also discuss it as a class. Afterwards, they can answer all the questions but foundation pupils can rely a bit more on the model.

Finally, for the general conversation….Use the four random questions in the powerpoint to ask a student to start answering the question and then each student needs to add something else… You can write their answer on the board and then analyse the final model with them and see if it is good or not, and why, which it is always good practice. Then, show them the list of questions, one at a time, and they need to answer them in pairs and swap! The idea is that they develop their spontaneity as they don’t know the question that it is coming…

Hopefully, this can give you ideas on how to approach the speaking element of the exam, now that there are not many resources left as we have used almost everything that it is out there!

If you would like this resource, please email me:

I would really appreciate if you can leave me some comments on the web, please 🙂


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Fantastic resources. Many thanks for sharing 🙂

Erica D\'Anna

This is fab and just perfect for right now! Muchas gracias!


Fantastic resource that I have used with my Y11 classes and it went very well especially to reinforce the importance of contextualisation. Thank you very much Erica!

Mrs J

Really well presented and useful resources! Thank you 😊


Amazing resources that worked very well with the students. Thanks!


Great ideas very generously shared. I think my students will enjoy them lots. Many thanks!

Rosa Gonzalez

Lovely resources! Gracias Erica