My last stationery items!

Are you already looking for your stationery for next academic year? I am! Well, to be fair, I am always looking at stationery as I just love it and get very excited!

Who does not love a desk planner? They are so helpful! I always have one to keep track of the week… These are the last three I recently got:

The first one was a present from my goddaughter and I just love it!

The third and second ones… I got them a few weeks ago at a very cheap price from Sainsbury’s as they were going through clearance of some of the items:


Also, I really like these pens. Two of the pack are the ‘pastel’ pens, which are very popular right now:


The last pack is made of scented pens which are really cool too, I got these ones from Poundland, what a bargain!

What are your more recent stationery items? Can’t wait to hear from you!




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