Being a ‘mini-Ofsted’ Inspector for Vamos

Since I have become the ‘Ambassador’ of Vamos, I have had the wonderful opportunity of observing and reviewing a great range of their courses.

I have seen different classes delivered by teachers who are highly qualified and well-equipped to make the learning experience of any student unique.

I have seriously reflected about the different types of courses that they offer, which range from young learners & GCSE students to adults, and they all have one thing in common.

They focus on the communicative approach.

This is based on the fact that learning language comes through having to communicate meaning in real situations.

All pupils have the chance of practising their speaking skills in different contexts by solving problems and learning from their experiences.

Year 11 ‘vocabulary quiz’ in which students compete in teams


Not only this, Vamos has been really successful in combining their communicative skills with online learning. They have perfectly integrated speaking elements within all their classes to ensure that all students can take part and make progress quickly and effectively. 

They share the idea of building on fluency as well as accuracy as they believe this makes the learning totally purposeful.

Year 13 speaking activity in which students discuss reasons for and against moving
to another country based on the topics above


All tutors have clear lesson aims and they ensure that everything they teach fits into the bigger picture so that learners can develop their skills consistently and use them in real life. 

However, they do not forget about grammatical competence as they also realise that grammar enables all learners to have a more solid structure.

I have seen plenty of their lesson resources and I have had the opportunity of evaluating some of them.

For example, in this Year 10 activity, students get to play in pairs or teams and revise grammar, vocabulary and cultural topics. Vamos adopts the same approach in higher and lower years and finds students working together produces great results.

And in the Year 12 activity below, students get to practise grammar and vocabulary while at the same time expanding their cultural awareness and general knowledge of Latin America. 

In conclusion, it is a great pleasure to see that despite all the difficulties education is facing during the pandemic, Vamos is addressing the needs of young learners. They always thrive to improve and offer the best quality courses for their students. With ‘Vamos courses’ pupils are not only able to improve their language acquisition but also widen their world views since all courses take into consideration the cultural aspects which are equally important.

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