My new stationery items!

Have you recently bought any new stationery items? I haven’t stopped since the summer holidays! I am definitely ready for this academic year!

I bought these weekly pencils and sardine clips in Nottingham from a shop called Tiger. You can visit the shop on

Tiger always has a good selection of creative stationery so you will find that it is will be difficult to choose! HAHA, you might end up spending more than expected!

I also got these Paper Mate pens; all in different colours…They are very cool! To be fair, I can’t remember where I got them from but, as it is a well-known brand, you will probably find them in big stores such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco, etc.


Then, I got these paper clips from Poundland, they are fab and they only cost me a pound! They have little messages on them!  Visit the shop on


In addition, I bought these scented colouring pencils from Home Bargains. They cost cheaper that a pound and they are great. Please visit


Finally, I got the rainbow colouring pencils from TheWorks. See


I love this shop because they always have fantastic stuff and at an affordable price. It is one of my favourite places without any doubt!

I hope you like my selection! Please share your comments with me! I would love to hear from you 🙂

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