Y11 Revision Lesson on Social Issues

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Are you finding hard to find resources on the topic of social issues like I am? I planned this lesson yesterday and I have taught it today. I can confirm now that it works well. I takes a bit more than an hour but you can skip some activities depending on what you are looking to practise more.

The listening and reading tasks have been taking from Exampro. The video is from YouTube; I did it with my students today and they found it a bit hard but they still got some answers! I just thought I would do something a bit different rather than just playing an audio…

The different activities go as follows:

1. Vocabulary test.

2. Translation to English in pairs.

3. Listenings x 2 F/H

4. Vocabulary gap-fill.

5. Make a sentence about the two photos (3 slides)

6. Writing 25 words on a question of their choice

7. Reading tasks F/H

8. Video & answer the questions in Spanish

9. Translation F/H

10. Describe the photo (2 slides)

If you would like the presentation, why not leaving a comment below?Also please emailspanishandumbrellas@gmail.com

As usual, please let me know how your students find this lesson or even how do you find teaching it 😉




Remember to comment 😉

We are closer to the end!

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rachel Rawson

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rachel Rawson

I would love a copy. The resources you create are brilliant. Thank you


As always, yes please! Last lesson Tuesday, thank you for helping me get to the end with a very tricky group I inherited this year.


I would love a copy! Your resources are always very useful!
Thank you 🙂


Thank you for the resources for listening and reading. Both F and H pupils found the activities challenging and useful.

Amy MacMahon

Yes please, muchas gracias.

Susi Gonzalez

hi I have confirmed the subscription thanks for the resources

Susi Gonzalez

thank you very much for the hard work and the excellent work
could I have a copy of the yr 11 revision on social issues please ?
thanks in advance


I would love a copy! Thanks