A funny experience!

I still can’t believe what happened to me before we broke up for Christmas! You can definitely tell that I was ready for my break haha.

It was a normal Wednesday at school and I had to move to a different room as mine was being used for drop down day. When I arrived to the new room, I thought I had everything under control but clearly, I didn’t! I couldn’t make the interactive board work at all and the students were waiting for ages which made me a bit more nervous…

I know I need to improve my technological skills but I am on the case! The funniest thing happened afterwards though…  I asked two students who normally misbehave to take the books back to my room and so they did. I went back home and I didn’t think about the books at all.

Nevertheless, the following day I realised that the books weren’t in the room! This time when I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about the books and I assumed that the boys hadn’t actually taken them to the room, I even thought that they might had left them somewhere else as part of a joke! I was like ‘OMG, I have just lost the whole set of books for a whole class!

All of a sudden, the next day I took a sixth form student to a table outside my classroom in order to do a mock interview with him and I just saw the books on the table! I was so happy that I couldn’t believe this! The boy just laughed when I told him the story.

However, were the books placed there by the students or did someone else find them and bring them there? I will never find out but I have my books now! These things can only happen when you are ready for the end of term!

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