Being a teacher mentor

Have you ever considered being a trainee teacher mentor? Teacher training is very hard and everyone who has gone through this in the UK can prove this. I didn’t have time for anything during a year!

However, my mentor was very supportive and she was always trying to help me and making me reflect so that I could become a good teacher. I still think of her today, she was a fantastic model! I admired her so much that one day I decided that wanted to play the same role when I was a bit more prepared.

This year in September, I had the wonderful chance of becoming a mentor; I was very happy! Being a mentor means hard work because it takes a lot of your time since you have to observe lessons and give feedback every week, check lesson plans, respond to emails, etc. but it is so rewarding! It makes you reflect on your own teaching style and techniques that are essential for becoming better and better every day but, more importantly, it makes you feel very positive as you are helping to give shape to a future teacher!

Teaching can be hard at times, we all know this, but it is one of the most beautiful professions as we are contributing to create a better future for everyone! Honestly, if you have the opportunity of joining mentoring, just go for it!


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