Cita a ciegas – El Día de los Enamorados

Are you looking for some Valentine’s resources to do with your GCSE classes? What about Speed Dating on the topic of love relationships?

Speed Dating is a popular idea, of course! Most teachers have tried this as an activity to practise speaking with their students… I remember doing it last year with my Y11 and we had so much fun! Especially because we were one student short and I had to play with them HAHA; it was hilarious as they were quite embarrased and they could not stop laughing! At least, they will never forget it!

I have created some cards with questions for you all to cut off and give to your students… You can play with boys and girls but, if you don’t have the same number of students, you can mix the all! Remember that the most important thing is that they actually talk and improve their general conversation element of the exam… 



Next week, I will definitely do this activity with some of my students as they have their oral mocks and I think it is a different way of doing some extra practice… Just think that they are a bit tired at this point and they need new activities where they don’t get to bored… We need to keep them going until the summer so let’s make it fun for them!

Anyway… Hope you can use the resource with your classes! Please let me know how it goes by leaving me a comment 😉 I always love to hear your experiences and what works…


‘Love is in the air’

Please find the link to download the cards below or you can also find it under the section ‘other resources’ where there is also a variety of interesting cultural resources for your lessons:

Download “General conversation Speed dating Cards” General-conversation-Speed-dating-Cards.pdf – Downloaded 666 times – 895 KB

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