Drops of Spanish

Hello guys!

Welcome to Spanish & Umbrellas!

We are a language teacher and a graphic designer-private tutor who live in Yorkshire (Spanish native speakers). We would love to share our passion with you & we have created this website to help you improve your Spanish, if you are learning the language, or to make your life easier if you are a teacher. Would you like to have a look at it? Go!



As a summary, in this web you can read our blog and discover new aspects of teaching and learning languages, look at some ideas and get some tips but you can also do other things such as downloading free resources for all year groups, and yes, the new GCSE! Exciting, isn’t it? In addition, in the blog, you will also be able to read some funny stories that take place in our languages lessons and you can also find other interesting stuff such as the last stationery trends.


Finally, we will share with you our trips around England (with an umbrella) and Spain and other countries as we consider travelling the best possible experience, don’t you?  We just hope that you enjoy learning languages as much as we love teaching and learning them! Take your umbrella and join us on this enriching experience! Rain… Rain… Drops… Drops… 

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