Encouraging GCSE students to vary their adjectives

Do you normally find that many of your GCSE students overuse the same adjectives? I do! It is not all of them but there are certain students who repeat the same adjectives over and over again… 

We want all of our students to get the best possible grade so why don’t we help them to add variety when they write and talk? Why don’t we give them a list of adjectives and encourage them to use 4/5 new adjectives which they haven’t used before? We need to insist!!! We can also praise them when they try something new!!! 

So…  I have created this list of 40 positive and negative adjectives which hopefully will help them to have better range, to be a bit more adventurous!

Not only they can use this list for writing and speaking tasks but they can also learn these adjectives for listening and reading questions which test them on positive and negative opinions.

You can now print this list off for your students and they can use it as a reference at any time 🙂 Hope you start seeing some improvements 😉

Variety is essential, let’s promote it!

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