How to get yourself organised for the new academic year

The new academic year is about to start… Are you excited? I am! And… Are you thinking now about all the things you need to do?

Well, people have different priorities but, for me, the first one is to get my USB resources organised so that I know where everything is! Every year, I start being very tidy but, unfortunately, I don’t keep this well enough 🙁 I am going to try really hard this year! It just makes life easier! I am organising my printed documents & books too.

Also, I am going write all the dates in my planner so that I can use it straight away (this is a must every year)! Furthermore, I got myself a small diary to keep all my school events in one place so that I can have a clear overview.

What else? Oh yes, making sure I have the right stationery… This is actually the best part!!!!!! HAHAHA. For example, my to do list books, which I got from Poundland, are fantastic, please see the photos below:



When I have access to my class, I will of course tidy up my drawers, which I emptied before the summer holidays, and I will put all the new stuff in. I will also label the trays for my new pupil’s books… I will definitely do my displays so that the students feel welcome and can use some of the elements as a reference when they need to. I guess this is what everyone does… 

I am also going to plan my first few lessons following the schemes of work as well as looking at things like rules and expectations and exercise book instructions etc. And remember that saying… ‘Don’t smile until Christmas’.

I can’t think of anything else at the minute… What are your organisation tips? Why don’t you share them with us? Can’t wait to hear from you 😀

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