Good MFL resources websites :)

Before I even start writing, I would like to make totally clear that all the views that I am going to share here are my own…

Are you looking for good MFL resources websites? I will share with you some of the ones I find helpful… (not in order of preference).

Let’s get started!

It is very good as you can find a good variety of KS3, KS4 & KS5 resources for all three languages Spanish, French & German. I find that the resources are well structured and the quality is great. Some of the resources are free, others you have to pay. You can find lots of PDF, Word and PowerPoint resources!

It is quite good as there are plenty of worksheets that you can download for free. I like this web especially for KS3 as the layout of the resources is quite easy to follow. However, you can also find some KS4 resources there!

This one is especially good for A-Level students as they can follow the news in different languages and do some exercises at the same time to keep their knowledge up to date but also to improve their listening.

(Bitesize) This is a classic, right?! It is great for practising Spanish, French and German and all the topics are up to date. Students can practise at their own pace but you, as a teacher, can also use some of the resources for you lessons.

This website is widely known and it has always been great. Many teachers still publish their resources for free but, for other resources, you must pay. I think that if you are looking for something specific and the resources have good reviews, it is sometimes worth paying the money…It depends on the person and the needs!

This website has been active for less than a year and it has been very successful! It contains plenty of fantastic resources, all free! You can find KS3, GCSE and A-Level resources and a languages blog with ideas and stories. Definitely worth having a look if you haven’t done so!

This website is very good as it includes lesson PPT’s and worksheets and help for the GCSE exam. You have to pay a subscription of £7.99 and you can then access everything. However, they also produce some free resources.

This website contains plenty of free grammar exercises as well as other stuff such as reading comprehension activities. It also has some cultural worksheets that can be very useful for your lessons.

Have you not heard of Coffee Break Spanish? This website has plenty of free podcasts that students can listen to in their own time but you can also use some of them in your lessons.

You may have used Quizlet by now… You can create your own vocabulary lists or you can download lists that have already been made. I love the section where you can create your own vocab test, it is great to keep your students vocab learning up to date. You can use it in class as a tool but students can also have access if they have a computer at home.

Students can learn different topics of vocabulary in a short amount of time! It uses different techniques to help students memorise the words. Definitely an easy and fantastic tool!

This website contains a good range of cultural videos that can help students to develop their cultural knowledge. It also has useful links to the news and other stuff. It is great for KS5 especially but there is also content related to KS4 that is also great.

It is a fantastic website not only for resources but also for tuition. Some of the resources are on sell but they are worth the money! However, there are also other resources which are free! You can find many KS3 and KS4 resources, all up to date with the new spec!

Vocabulary games for both Spanish and French are available as well as a section to practise conjugations and grammatical elements, isn’t it great? Ideal for both GCSE and A-Level and, as a bonus, it is free!

Ps: I may have forgotten a few websites that are equally useful but these are the ones I can think of now… I hope you find these websites helpful and they help you to maximise your time and help your pupils to learn in a more engaging way 🙂




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This are good learning sites! Thanks for sharing!