What I have learnt during lockdown…

It has been a short but very intense half-term and there is still more to come, but we can only learn from our experiences and become better people and practitioners.

I have learnt so many things during all this time, a few of them are:

1. Be patient as things can happen at the very last minute.

2. Be ready to accept ‘chaos’ as everything is changing all the time.

 3. Make uncertainty part of your daily life and try to be okay with it… Life is uncertain in all senses!

 4. Keep learning and developing as a teacher but also as a person!

 5. Things can go wrong… But what do we take from our experiences?

 6. Do not take anything for granted!

 7. Enjoy every single minute and do not leave good things for the weekend… Every day could be a ‘good’ day! Make every day count!

 8. Perfectionism? I have always been a perfectionist and it has been extremely hard… Now, I enjoy more having a better work-life balance and realising that ‘perfection’ does not exist!

This is my little reflection… I have definitely discovered more things but I would say these are the main ones.

I hope we can start travelling again soon and see our family and friends and share with them our best moments!

As we say in Spanish: ‘La esperanza es lo último que se pierde’.

What have your learnt so far during all this time?



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