Ideas to play Snakes and Ladders with your GCSE students!

Everyone knows how to play Snakes and Ladders but I am going to show you different ideas to play this game using the topic of technology… It is the perfect game to practise tenses and speaking with your GCSE students in a more engaging way…. Who said that learning verb endings was boring? 

Your students definitely need dice and counters and they should play in pairs.



Idea 1: As all the phrases are in the infinitive form… Students can roll the dice and make a sentence in the present tense using any forms of the verbs (I, you, he…). This gives them a bit more freedom and they can be creative.

Idea 2: Students roll the dice and if they score 1, they have to use the I form, if they get 2, the you (singular) form, etc… This is a bit stricter but you are ensuring that they use all the forms of the verb.

Idea 3: Students can practise the past tense (preterite or imperfect). Again, wherever they land on, they have to make a sentence in the past tense using that particular phrase. You can dictate what person they will need to use or they can use whatever form they want to.

Idea 4: What about practising the future tense? Students could make sentences with ´voy a´ or they could mention different people to master the conjugation of the verb ir.

Hopefully, playing this game, your students will have to practise their verb endings but they will also learn the main actions to do with technology (some of them are even repeated on purpose for consolidation).

It is just a more fun way of practising verb endings and you only need this template as it can be used with any tense! 

Hope you can use it with your classes! Let me know how it goes 😉

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Maria Jose

I love this resource, thanks

Erica Sanchez

No problem! 🙂