Idiomatic expressions for A-Level students

Would you like to see your A-Level students using more idiomatic expressions when they speak and write? Just show them how to so that they can be successful when using them.

Many of my pupils are top students of Spanish and they will always be but they find idiomatic expressions difficult at times… They seem to understand what some of these mean when you explain them but they just don’t get how to put them into context so that they make sense.

As we know, they need to include some of these expressions when they answer the questions in their discussion card and when they write their essay on the film/book… It is essential so that they can score in the top band! 

I have explained some of the most common expressions to my pupils over and over again but I am still trying hard to encourage them to use these phrases! However, I have seen some improvements since I created this document where I chose 15 idiomatic expressions that can be used in many different contexts… I added the meaning and an example for each of them so that my students could figure out how to use them.

Now, you can show your students the list and invite them to select 3 or 4 of these expressions so that they can use them effectively.

¡Buena suerte!

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Muchas gracias por esto!!