Pick & Mix – A KS3 idea that works really well!

Hi guys,

Hope you are having a nice Sunday!

I just wanted to share with you an idea that I had a few years ago…

I was teaching a very bad behaved Y8 class and I was constantly looking for different ideas to enthuse and engage them. 

One day I thought: what do most children love? My answer was: sweets! So I thought of PICK & MIX and decided to create an idea based on this.

I then figured out different ways to present this activity. Essentially, it is a writing activity but a ‘hidden’ writing activity as students do not necessarily see in this activity the formality of a proper writing task.

So I came with the idea of giving students a struture for them to be able to write their sentences.

Please see my example, I think it is very easy to follow:



As I have said, it is a very simple and easy task but the students like it!

If you would like a copy of the slide, please email me: spanishandumbrellas@gmail.com

Let me know if you try it!




Really looking forward to hearing from you.

Muchas gracias!!!

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Lisa McGrattan

Hi, this looks fantastic! Could I please get a copy

Ruth Anahory


Ruth Anahory

Hi, Could I have a copy please? Thanks