Returning to school

Tomorrow is the day when all teachers in England go back to school according to the last Government update. It is a very exciting time for many but it can be quite an anxious time for others… 

For me, I have very much enjoyed teaching live lessons but it has come to the point where it is always the same: waking up to go to a computer! I really make the most of my time in the classroom and I love spending time with my pupils, establishing good relationships and helping them to make progress and succeed. I also love their little stories and jokes although there are some classes that can be hard!



I think it will be chaotic next week as we all need to get used to this routine again and the children come back from homes where they probably did not even even had a good habit, without generalising.

It is essential that we ’embrace’ the new situation the best we can and try to learn from it to become better teachers, is not learning what we love? I have already accepted ‘chaos’ for next week by being flexible and realising that we are all on the same boat and we will all face moments of difficulty.

I am very looking forward to have ‘different days’ each day as I consider that my days are never the same when I am at school and I really like this, I never get bored! I must say, though, that I do not enjoy getting up at 5.30am!!!

Let’s help our Y11 & 13 students to feel that there is still a ‘purpose’ and that we are there to support them the best we can. With lower year groups, let’s show them how to be good citizens and tolerant of one another, let’s help them eliminate stereotypes and let’s show them the high importance of education. They are lucky in many ways!

Having said this, hope you all have a very good return and that you take every opportunity to learn and share things, to be more positive 🙂 


Can’t wait to hear what you think 😉 


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