The Spelling Bee

As a teacher… Have you come across the Spelling Bee Competition?

When I joined my new school in September I was asked to lead on this so I did. There are different ways you can do this but we are following this order: class competition, school competition and then competition with other schools.

As we were approaching the end of term, we did our class competition the last day we had a language lesson. A few students took part in my class and I was very proud of them as they took the risk even given the fact that spelling is difficult in any language anyway. Only two pupils got to the final as they were spelling so fast! They managed to spell 8 words in 1 minute! This was achieved because we have frequently been spelling different words in class and we have been signing the alphabet song nonstop, they love it! They still ask for it every lesson. Here is the link if you want to have a fit of fun with your students:



It is a great song to sing along but it definitely helps students to remember the pronunciation of the letters. Also, I set a piece of homework where I asked them to write the vowels in Spanish A, E, I, O, U and they had to draw something that reminded them of the letters. This was because most pupils get confused with the letters A, E, I as in English the sound is so different. They became really creative and some of the students did fantastic pieces of work!

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