¡VENDIDO O NO! A new game to practise speaking!

This is just an idea that I had yesterday to encourage speaking practice amongst students…

Students need to play in pairs. The rule is that they will need to sell a product within 1-minute maximum by giving their opinion about the item and using positive adjectives to describe it. For example, if they are talking about social media they will need to describe Instagram as the best social network, explaining way and describing it as useful, fun, etc… They could use items from any theme/topic!

The other student needs to note down the adjectives and answer back, again within 1-minute, using negative adjectives that the first student needs to write down. The person who uses the most adjectives is the person who has managed to ‘sell’ the product or ‘not sell’ it and therefore the winner! If you have any students who don’t belong to a pair, they could be used as judges and join one of the pairs which would make a group of three. 


The idea is that students keep talking non-stop using the vocabulary and structures learnt in class. The only thing you will need to do is giving them the list of items they will need to sell to their peers so that they know exactly what they are doing. You can play this game with KS3 students but also with your GCSE pupils… Who doesn’t like a bit of competition?

It is just a different way of practising speaking in a more engaging way! 🙂 

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