My name is Erica, and I come from Granada, Spain. I’m a fully qualified languages teacher and second in department at a school in Wakefield. I teach Spanish, French and German.

Before starting my career, I spent five years studying for a degree in English Studies and then completed an MA in English Applied Linguistics. In 2010, I moved to England and worked as a language assistant in different schools across the UK and, in 2014, started my teacher training at an ‘outstanding’ school in Berkshire.

Throughout my journey, I have had experience in many different fields. For example, I have led a lot of initiatives to promote languages and increase uptake at GCSE & A-Level, such as competitions, open evenings, and enrichment activities. I have also created Spanish resources for a great range of students and teachers and have offered training to my department on ‘engaging’ and ‘relevant’ activities for our learners. I have been in charge of mentoring new/trainee staff, and line-managed a number of members of the department. I have also worked for the BBC as an Educational Consultant & Proofreader and I have been an AQA GCSE examiner. Currently, I am completing my NPQ course in 'Leading Teacher Development'.

Online courses for MFL teachers

I offer online Spanish, French & German courses for MFL teachers.

I am currently offering two intensive summer courses, both French and Spanish (booking is now open) and I will be offering evening classes from September (booking opens after May HT).

I have been teaching the Spanish courses for two years and they have been very useful and practical for teachers who now feel well-equipped to teach their own classes and have an impact on their pupils’ learning by improving their outcomes.

If you want to book a language course for yourself and/or your department, please contact me via email or social media (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter).  

I am truly passionate about creating Spanish resources as I believe that, although the teacher is the main resource in the classroom, having resources which are attractive and clearly presented can positively impact on teaching and learning. I wanted to make a difference with my web and this is why I created Spanish & Umbrellas. 

My aim is to help teachers plan lessons faster, offer them fresh ideas and share effective tips in order to maximise their students’ progress and promote a love for learning. It can also benefit learners who need extra resources to practise their language skills and develop cultural understanding.

Thank you very much for visiting my web, I really hope to support you!

About Spanish & Umbrellas

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