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How to establish good relationships with your students

Establishing good relationships with our students is essential for some teachers whereas others prefer to be strict at all times and just teach their lesson. For me, relationships are my top priority since I think that, when you have a solid relationship with a student, everything else just happens! Your journey as a teacher is

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My ‘pick and mix’ idea – Differentiation by choice!

I once had a very challenging Y9 group and I constantly had to adapt my planning so that I could keep the students focused and engaged. I used to do short and quick activities so that the students were not able to lose their concentration. I also had to think about clear progression from activity

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Showing our Y7 students how to learn vocabulary!

When our Y7 students first come into school, they feel really lost and have got lots of questions regarding everything: where is this classroom, who is teacher XZ, how do I access Google Classroom, etc, etc, etc. One of the things that they don’t know about when they start studying languages is how to learn

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Surviving your teaching training year… Some tips!

If you are training to be a teacher, you have made the right choice! But it isn’t an easy year so I would like to share the following tips with you: 1. Be organised…Try to have a TO DO list with everything you need to do each day but, remember, it has to be a

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Supporting A-Level students with the Discussion Card

I have conducted the AQA Spanish A-Level speaking exam during the past five years and, as you would agree, we need to ensure that all students can access the top bands in the mark scheme. There are different ways in which we can help them achieve this but I am just going to highlight some

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