4 songs to learn Spanish!

We all love listening to music… It is not only one of the nicest things to do but it is also very relaxing and it can help us in many ways, for example, when learning a new language!

I have always loved music and have always tried to learn songs in English as it is my second language. I have always found it extremely motivating and engaging! I still get very excited when I can understand a few more words when listening to new songs, just a as I used to as a kid!

Let’s face it, learning songs can be challenging but it is so enjoyable that it is worth investing!

So… I have four songs suggestions that you could use to teach Spanish to your students:

1) 'Vivir mi vida', Marc Anthony.

This song is perfect to learn the near future with your KS3 classes! You could get your Y8/9 to practise the future tense with a selection of activities and they could do this song at the end, once you have drilled the structures in many different ways. It would be so nice and they would love it! 

2) Te he echado de menos, Pablo Alborán.

This song would be great to get your GCSE/A-Level students to learn the present perfect in Spanish! They would follow the song well as it is a slow/romantic song so they wouldn’t find it too challenging! Also, Pablo Alborán is a very famous singer in Spain and you can search for more of his songs as they are all really nice!

3) Consejo de amor, TINI & Morat.

This song can help your A-Level students to learn the pretérito/past tense! It contains lots of key verbs which are also very useful to expand their vocabulary! The more vocabulary they know, the best for their translation, listening and reading tasks!

4) Limón y sal, Julieta Venegas.

With this song, your GCSE students can practise the present tense in Spanish! Also, they can get used to another accent as Julieta is from Mexico!!! The more accents they listen to, the more prepared they will be for the real word!

Hope you and your students have a great time learning Spanish through these songs! Please let me know how it goes 😉 

¡Enseña español cantando!

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