5 easy starter ideas for your lessons!


I’m sharing 5 quick starter ideas with you to help you with your planning  😉 Hope you find them useful and practical! They are not my own ideas but ideas that I have collected over the years (credit given to the owners!).

1. Organise the vocabulary

Students have to categorise the key vocabulary into verbs, adjectives and school subjects. You can add more categories to it and you can do this activity with any topic you are studying!


2.  Five a day!

Students have to complete the five activities selected. You can adapt the activities each time and vary them as much as you want to. It requires low prep from your side!

3.  Spend all the words!

Students have 3 minutes to make as many sentences as they can! Again, this task could be adapted for any topic 🙂 Again, no much time needed to plan this!


4.  Acrostic

Write a word down the board on the topic you are covering and your students need to write related words starting which start with each letter of the word given.  This can be planned quickly!


5.  Key terms

Write a key term on the board and students have the challenge of writing as many related words as possible within the time given. Great activity to recall key vocabulary on specific topics!

Hope you find these ideas useful 😉 I will be sharing more useful tips and ideas with you very soon 😉

Stay tuned!


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