How to establish good relationships with your students

Establishing good relationships with our students is essential for some teachers whereas others prefer to be strict at all times and just teach their lesson.

For me, relationships are my top priority since I think that, when you have a solid relationship with a student, everything else just happens! Your journey as a teacher is much easier and their journey as a learner is much happier! I have now been teaching for many years  and I have evidence to prove that this actually works. It even improves uptake at GCSE because they sometimes choose the subject based on that particular teacher… Let’s face it, in some cases, this is the reality!

However, establishing relationships isn’t always easy for all. This is way I wanted to share with you some ideas so that you can apply them to your teaching:

These tips may seem obvious but I thought I would share them as we all sometimes forget about the simple things that can have an impact.

Hope you find some of these ideas useful and you can start implementing them with your classes.


Thanks for your time

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