Surviving your teaching training year… Some tips!

If you are training to be a teacher, you have made the right choice! But it isn’t an easy year so I would like to share the following tips with you:

1. Be organised…Try to have a TO DO list with everything you need to do each day but, remember, it has to be a realistic list, otherwise it can be frustrating when you see you have not done everything you wanted to.

2. Always take the feedback from your mentor and other teachers on board. They have been teaching for a while and they know all the tricks and traps… The quicker you follow the feedback, the better! Some people take longer as they need more time to process things but at least start doing it little by little, it will make your life easier!

3. Maintain positive relationships with everyone in your department… Show that you are helpful especially when stressful times come!

4. Create some of your own resources as it will develop your creativity!

5. Look for inspiration on the web… TES is great for resources but there are also other websites which are equally useful! Also, organise them from day one so that you can have a bank available and you also know where things are… There is nothing worse than a USB or your Google Drive full of mess! The tidier you are, the more effective you will be!

6. Search for language blogs! People share great ideas and a bit of reading can make your planning much easier!


7. Read books about language teaching and teaching as a whole, they are fantastic to improve your pedagogical knowledge and you can apply some of the tips to your own practice!

8. Observe as many teachers as you can, in and out of your department as you will be able to see different styles and strategies.

9. Watch videos about language teaching, they are popular nowadays and you can expand your ideas… Some of them are also engaging and fun to watch!

10. Never suffer in silence, speak to your mentor if there is a problem! It is better to solve issues quickly!

11. Find time for yourself... At least half a day or one day where you do no work! Your brain will rest and you won’t feel burnt out! It is necessary to stop!

12. Enjoy what you do, otherwise, what is the point?

And… Remember that you chose this profession because you wanted to make a difference!

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