Ideas for an A-Level taster session!

Are you looking for ideas for an A-Level taster session?

I have done many taster lessons and I always have three things into account:

1) We should choose something that isn’t too difficult so that they students feel motivated and realise that they can actually use what they learnt during their GCSE course. Just keep in mind that they are still Y11 students moving into Y12!

2) We should select topics that interest them! I always go for leisure! Netflix, cinema celebrities, music or food are always a winner!

3) We should also include some details about the course so that they feel informed but without overwhelming them with a lot of specific information. There will be time to give them more info about the course and the exam later on! 

And… Remember that they are choosing to do A-Level without they are passionate about that particular language!

The lessons I have recently done were on celebrities and gastronomy and the students liked them and found them very interesting! I included an introduction about me and I asked them to introduce themselves in Spanish! They loved it as they feel they could use the language!

In these sessions, I try to explain to them that the idea is that they become fluent by the end of Y13 and this is why they will speak in every lesson! 

I do think that it is very important that the students leave this taster lesson with excitement and feeling that they can succeed rather that feeling that the course will be too hard!

If you would like more specific ideas, you know you can always contact me 😉

Hope you find this post useful!

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