My ‘pick and mix’ idea – Differentiation by choice!

I once had a very challenging Y9 group and I constantly had to adapt my planning so that I could keep the students focused and engaged. I used to do short and quick activities so that the students were not able to lose their concentration. I also had to think about clear progression from activity to activity but in a way that it was accesible to them at all times.

I then came with this ‘Pick and Mix’ idea as I thought that all students liked sweets and I wanted to make an activity that was linked to something they really loved.

I also decided to add some differentiation to it so that the students had a choice.

I included four simple tasks:

  • Make 2 present tense sentences
  • Make 2 past tense sentences
  • Link a present and a past sentence
  • Include a sentence in the future

I also added a box with key vocabulary for them to choose from. I never asked them to complete all the tasks but instead giving them the choice of 1 or 2 tasks.


They really liked this activity and they felt like they could do it!

In the past two years, I have seen other versions of this activity but this is what I came with in a time where I really needed something new and different and perhaps more entertaining!

I really recommend this activity as it doesn’t take much prep time and it is easy and you can adapt it to any topic you are doing 😉

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