Showing our Y7 students how to learn vocabulary!

When our Y7 students first come into school, they feel really lost and have got lots of questions regarding everything: where is this classroom, who is teacher XZ, how do I access Google Classroom, etc, etc, etc.

One of the things that they don’t know about when they start studying languages is how to learn new words.

Therefore, I will share with you some ideas to help them with their vocabulary learning:

  • Look, say, cover, write, check

They choose a word they find hard to spell, they look at it, they say it, they cover it, write it down and they finally check it.

  • Sing it!

They can make up a song including the words they need to learn, then sing it out loud.

  • Create your own quiz!

They can create their own quiz adding all the words they need to memorise.

  • Get someone to test you!

They can get their parents or siblings to assess them! They could also practise with a friend!

  • Write each word 10/15 times!

Although it sounds a bit boring, it is a great way of memorising new words! I used to do this when I was learning English as a kid.

  • Make flashcards

These can be colour-coded by the type of word: nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.

  • Organise a vocab quiz night for your family/friends

This could be really fun and it involves everyone!

  • Create mnemonics

            This could be very helpful for some students and it is fun & creative!

  • Play bingo with your siblings/friends

This is very easy to do and very powerful! They just need to choose 9 words and write them down and tick them as the words have been said. They could play to the line or full house.

  • Make rhymes or even write a poem!

This could be so enjoyable and again very creative! It would definitely develop their literacy skills too!

  • Put the words in context: make a few sentences

Some students really need to see how the words work in a sentence. I am like this! When I see the word in context, I can remember it much quicker!

  • Create your own mini-dictionary!

They could make their own mini dictionary with a list of words in Spanish and English.

  • Use post it notes!

Some students put these notes around the house and every time they pass by that particular place, they look at the words!

And... Get them to use and make the most of these free websites!

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