Netflix & Spanish series

Spanish series are now very popular and Netflix is adding more to its catalogue each time! However,  you may be wondering what series your GCSE & A-Level students could watch to improve their Spanish… If that’s the case, I have created a resource with lots of different series for these age ranges! Here I leave … Read more

3 Halloween songs in Spanish!

I am sharing with you some Halloween songs in Spanish that you can show  to your KS3 students… Hope you like them! My favourite song is ‘Los esqueletos’. It is very useful as it has lots of key vocabulary including times/numbers. I used to sing this song along when I was a kid! This song … Read more

How to be a good ITT mentor

Being a good ITT mentor can be challenging as we all, as teachers, have 100 things to do and this just adds up to our workload. However, being a mentor can be a great experience too! The key to sucess is to be VERY organised! Once you get the information from the training provider, you … Read more

The Most Strange Spanish Festivals

El Colacho El Colacho or most commonly known as ‘Baby Jumping’ is celebrated during the summer in the Spanish village of Castrillo de Murcia. It shows the triumph of good over evil… No one really knows about the actual origin of this festival! During the festival, a red and yellow-masked ‘devil’ runs through the streets … Read more

Ideas for an A-Level taster session!

Are you looking for ideas for an A-Level taster session? I have done many taster lessons and I always have three things into account: 1) We should choose something that isn’t too difficult so that they students feel motivated and realise that they can actually use what they learnt during their GCSE course. Just keep … Read more

4 songs to learn Spanish!

We all love listening to music… It is not only one of the nicest things to do but it is also very relaxing and it can help us in many ways, for example, when learning a new language! I have always loved music and have always tried to learn songs in English as it is … Read more

My first Linguascope webinar

Last Tuesday, the 20th of June, I had the great opportunity of presenting in my first Linguascope webinar! I had a great experience and the feedback was very positive 🙂 My webinar was titled: ‘What does engagement in MFL look like?’ I shared plenty of practical ideas on how to ‘engage’ students and keep them … Read more

5 easy starter ideas for your lessons!

¡Hola! I’m sharing 5 quick starter ideas with you to help you with your planning  😉 Hope you find them useful and practical! They are not my own ideas but ideas that I have collected over the years (credit given to the owners!). 1. Organise the vocabulary Students have to categorise the key vocabulary into … Read more