Ideas for an A-Level taster session!

Are you looking for ideas for an A-Level taster session? I have done many taster lessons and I always have three things into account: 1) We should choose something that isn’t too difficult so that they students feel motivated and realise that they can actually use what they learnt during their GCSE course. Just keep … Read more

4 songs to learn Spanish!

We all love listening to music… It is not only one of the nicest things to do but it is also very relaxing and it can help us in many ways, for example, when learning a new language! I have always loved music and have always tried to learn songs in English as it is … Read more

My first Linguascope webinar

Last Tuesday, the 20th of June, I had the great opportunity of presenting in my first Linguascope webinar! I had a great experience and the feedback was very positive 🙂 My webinar was titled: ‘What does engagement in MFL look like?’ I shared plenty of practical ideas on how to ‘engage’ students and keep them … Read more

5 easy starter ideas for your lessons!

¡Hola! I’m sharing 5 quick starter ideas with you to help you with your planning  😉 Hope you find them useful and practical! They are not my own ideas but ideas that I have collected over the years (credit given to the owners!). 1. Organise the vocabulary Students have to categorise the key vocabulary into … Read more

Supporting A-Level students with the Discussion Card

I have conducted the AQA Spanish A-Level speaking exam during the past five years and, as you would agree, we need to ensure that all students can access the top bands in the mark scheme. There are different ways in which we can help them achieve this but I am just going to highlight some … Read more